Benefits of Restorative Yoga: The Nervous System Deep Dive

October 19 at 7pm CST

Price: FREE

In this 60-minute workshop, we will dive deeply into learning about the components of the autonomic nervous system, and how Restorative Yoga can help find balance in the body and mind. We will discuss the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight), the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest), and ways to recognize and heal when these two systems are imbalanced. We will highlight specific points along the spine vertebrae-by-vertebrae, and see how they connect to each part of the nervous system.

There are many physical and emotional signals the body sends when the nervous system is out of balance. In this workshop we will learn how to identify those signals, and where to direct energy in practice to help heal these imbalances.

Amanda is a Restorative Yoga teacher and workshop leader who lives on a farm near Seattle, WA, where she and her partner own & operate a film production company. She is passionate about the power of Restorative Yoga and studying the nervous system, and loves to share what she's learned.

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