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Business Mindset for the YogaPreneur: Three Ways that Being A Yoga Teacher Gives You an Entrepreneurial Edge

Business Mindset for the YogaPreneur: Three Ways that Being A Yoga Teacher Gives You an Entrepreneurial Edge
20 Apr 2021 by Jodi Rose Gonzales

Does the “BUSINESS” of yoga make your head spin? Do you have unchecked beliefs (or fears) about becoming an entrepreneur? Believe it or not, your role as a yoga teacher gives you an edge over other small business owners. At the heart of it all is your yoga practice.


Business as an Off-the-Mat Practice

As a yoga teacher, you are uniquely positioned to be a heart-centered entrepreneur. You can use the teachings of your own asana practice to guide your self-inquiry into what means to be in business. Much like your responses to any singular pose, your response to being in business is unique:

  • Are you naturally predisposed to certain aspects of business?

  • Do you resist certain ideas about being in business?

  • Are there certain areas that need more time for growth?

Just like a complex or difficult pose, your business vision doesn’t always immediately appear. It happens over time. With consistent study, you can cultivate the skills you need while clarifying your business model and goals.


Yoga Teachings Give You an Entrepreneurial Edge 

Teachings such as the yamas and niyamas offer a wonderful guide to approaching business. You can use their principles to establish a business vision and culture that is compassionate, meaningful, and responsive to your own design. This applies to whether you plan to open a studio, or wish to be a business of one. As you consider your business, ask:

  • Is your business idea true to your values? (Satya)

  • Does your business idea steal from other responsibilities, needs or dreams? (Asteya)

  • Does your business idea trigger a strong inner critic? (Ahimsa)

  • Does your business idea inspire contentment versus a need to achieve? (Santosha, Aparigraha)

Once you honor that yoga’s teachings are evident in all aspects of your business design, business planning offers you the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice. Practice self-study (svadhyaya) as you start to explore what being in business means to you. Notice where your mindset can be re-aligned or improved.


Business, Redefined: You are a YogaPreneur

Ultimately, yoga teaches you how to quiet your mind so that you can connect with your True Self. As your yoga practice develops, or deepens, you learn to how to live your life as an expression of your True Self. Your business is simply an extension of that. Few disciplines offer the opportunity to serve others in a manner that is so deeply aligned with your own self-discovery practice! 


Evict Your Inner Critic

It’s natural to have fears and doubts about what you will do as a yoga teacher. Still, your future is one of possibility. Allow yourself space for compassionate self-study. Use the model of your yoga practice, and your teaching skills, to explore the unique path of the YogaPreneur.  

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Jodi Gonzales ATR, NCC, RYT200 is the creator of the YogaDoodles® and a credentialed art therapist, yoga teacher, and top-selling Amazon author. She offers weekly YogaDoodles® classes and monthly Business Mindset workshops with Yoga Specialists. Jodi’s virtual services including art therapy life coaching, business coaching, and yoga classes from her studio in the northern Wisconsin. Find Jodi on her website and check out on Instagram and Facebook.