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Business Mindset for the YogaPreneur: Yoga Teaching and an Energetic Profit

Business Mindset for the YogaPreneur: Yoga Teaching and an Energetic Profit
26 Apr 2021 by Jodi Rose Gonzales

When you think about your business goals for teaching yoga, do you feel scattered, stressed, burnt out, or drained? I get it—I felt that way, too—until one of my yoga mentors advised me to ‘teach from what the well spills, not from the well itself’. My mind immediately explored this as an off-the-mat profit-versus-loss model. I wondered: what if my business decisions were based on an energetic (not monetary) cashflow? 


Yoga Teaching and Your Energetic Profit

As Westerners, we are enculturated to believe that business “success” means that we are financially profitable. Yet, this often conflicts with our values as yoga teachers. Our practice is often an observation of service to others, humility, and simplicity. Our beliefs about “abundance” can overshadow—and even redefine—our ideas about success. 

Meanwhile, it’s easy to conform to expectation. Our family, friends, and business planning mentors rarely ask us to probe our individualized, ultimate picture of success. To be fair, we often forget to pause and ask those same questions of ourselves. It is assumed that as teachers, we are in business to make money. Yet, as practitioners of yoga, we know that isn’t necessarily so. 

What follows is inner conflict—and an energetic principle that happens anytime your values are overstepped: you feel drained, overwhelmed, fearful, etc. The more you try to fit yourself into a traditional or expected model, the more your internal batteries continue to drain….and so does your energetic profit.


Permission to Explore the Energetic Profit Model

While money-making has its place (you have to pay your utility bill, after all), it doesn’t have to be the sole guiding principle in your yoga teaching business. Here are some questions to consider as you start your energetic business plan:

  • Name 3-5 core values such as safety, ethics, gratitude, freedom, excellence, kindness, inclusion, etc. Google “values list” to explore options and ideas. 

  • Clearly define what “success” means to you. Complete the following sentence: For me, success is less about monetary profit and more about _______ . Be thorough!

  • What would your life look like and feel like as the ultimate expression of your yoga teaching, values and self-defined success? Sit with this image and notice any sensations in the body. Do you feel lighter, expansive, or warm in the heart? Take time to collage or journal about this embodied vision of business. 


Now’s the Time to Build an Energetically Profitable Business

Remember, when it comes to energy, like attracts like! Therefore, when you can envision and feel yourself earning an energetic profit, you will start to explore your business with more gusto. As you become clear on your values and success models, it will be easier to expand your vision and to align with opportunities that fuel you and move you head. Energetic profit will improve your business and your outlook. NOW is the perfect time to consider how to stop living a business vision that drains you: choose expansion, instead! 


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Jodi Gonzales ATR, NCC, RYT200 is the creator of the YogaDoodles® and a credentialed art therapist, yoga teacher, and top-selling Amazon author. She offers weekly YogaDoodles® classes and monthly Business Mindset workshops at Jodi’s virtual services including art therapy life coaching, business coaching, and yoga classes from her studio in the northern Wisconsin. Find Jodi on her website and check out on Instagram and Facebook.