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  • 19 Jan 2021 by Ginger Bennett



    Online yoga teacher training programs are a suitable alternative to in-person trainings, especially in light of the current challenges we face with social distancing. These online trainings are an affordable option that provide students with the flexibility to complete training on their own time. Students are given the tools to develop a strong personal practice so they may better embody the teachings of yoga.

    Due to Yoga Alliance’s temporary provision to “allow yoga schools to offer contact hours in any of the five [mandatory] Educational Categories in a virtual format,” there are many credible options available to fit any budget (Yoga Alliance, Member Update: RYS Provision in Response to COVID-19, 2020).


    What to Look for When Searching for an Online YTT Program

    Do your research. First and foremost, see to it the sources that influence your decisions are clear, concise, and thoughtfully crafted. Then, cross-reference multiple sources to see if the information you read is consistent. Finally, do not be afraid to reach out. Call or email the schools you are interested in. Get in touch with someone who is quick to respond, and knowledgeable enough to answer questions such as:

    • How long have you been offering online training?

    • What qualifications do your trainers have?

    • Will I receive live support from a team member as I work through my course?

    • How will you help me get started in my career as a yoga teacher once I have completed my training?

    Also, keep in mind that it is possible for your yoga teacher training to be both of high quality and financially accessible (but again, do your research).


    Top Online Yoga Teacher Trainings Worldwide 

    My Vinyasa Practice

    My Vinyasa Practice is the number one online yoga teacher training program worldwide. This training is affordable, and provides students with the most comprehensive experience we’ve seen thus far. Thoughtfully constructed, it guides students seamlessly through the program from live lectures to the content they share in their online platform, Teachable.

    After initial sign-up, students receive a dedicated peer-support team member, unlimited access to their lead trainers, one-on-one coaching, live Zoom lectures, pre-recorded videos, podcasts, and access to an online community with members from around the globe. Upon completion of the program, My Vinyasa Practice continues to support their graduates by offering post-program career teaching, coaching, and job placement opportunities. Their training focuses on both Vinyasa and Hatha techniques and offers both a 200 hour and a 300 hour yoga teacher training. 

    With an IAYT Yoga Therapist certification, and an M.Ed in curriculum development, owner and lead trainer, Michelle Young takes a therapeutic approach to yoga teacher training. Her program offers certified IAYT Yoga Therapy for teachers wanting to advance their studies. 

    Currently, My Vinyasa Practice’s online yoga teacher training is 50% off when tuition is paid in full. Students can refund their purchase for a FULL refund during the first 30 days of registration.


    Soul of Yoga 

    The Soul of Yoga, located in Encinitas, CA, is a remarkable yoga school offering a wide variety of trainings in yoga, meditation, and Yoga Therapy. This fall, Soul of Yoga launched its first online Hatha Yoga teacher training.

    This online training gives students everything they need to teach and sequence strong Hatha Yoga classes. This online training is written and facilitated by Flossie Parks, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer with over 20 years of experience.

    In this dynamic online training, students learn the history and philosophy of Hatha yoga, along with strategies to sequence, teach, and theme. Students interact in live Zoom classes and are supported by prerecorded materials. The Soul of Yoga also offers a dynamic and interactive Yoga Therapy program with world renowned teachers and flexible distance learning options.


    Siddhi Yoga

    Siddhi Yoga is a top rated yoga teacher training program based in India. Siddhi Yoga has offered teacher trainings registered with Yoga Alliance for years and are now offering trainings online. Their program has made it a mission to be the best yoga school in India, offering an authentic experience learning with yogi masters.

    The online program includes a thorough manual, self-paced teachings, and more than 220 videos. The program offers weekend Zoom lectures which are recorded for student convenience.

    Siddhi Yoga’s program is facilitated by Dr. Sumit Sharma, Shobhit Ghanshyala, Yogacharya Sandeep Pandey, and many more highly qualified teachers. The training is 100% self-paced and is currently priced at $397. Training is refundable within the first seven days. Techniques taught include Hatha, Karma, Bhakti, Mantra, and Raja Yoga. Use code SIDDHIYOGA10 for an additional 10% off.



    YogaRenew's online yoga teacher training is approved through Yoga Alliance and is available 100% online. It gives students the opportunity to deepen their practice while gaining the skills to teach yoga. This comprehensive training is affordable and thorough. It provides a strong foundation in yoga philosophy and practices. The program itself includes weekly live zoom calls, videos, readings, workbook activities, handouts and lectures.

    YogaRenew is led by yoga trainers, Kate Lombardo and Patrick Franco, 500 E-RYT trainers and YACEP providers, to provide potential students with a wealth of knowledge at an affordable price point. Training includes The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, yoga anatomy, eight different styles of yoga, six principles of alignment, five categories of asana, bandhas, advanced study of yoga poses (including adjustments and modifications, teaching cues, yoga sequencing, meditation, pranayama, and chakras). YogaRenew’s training includes weekly emails with pose guides, sequencing ideas, quotes, playlists, teaching tips and much more.

    YogaRenew’s self-paced training is $437 and offers a 7-day money back guarantee.


    The Kaivalya Yoga Method

    The Kaivalya Yoga Method is run by Allana Kaivalya, Ph.D, who founded the school and has been teaching for over 20 years. This method focuses on Vinyasa yoga. This Yoga Alliance approved training allows you to fulfill the requirements to be a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance and provides all of the tools to confidently teach yoga.

    Teachers in training gain access to a private Facebook group, expert mentors, individual feedback, and accountability assessments. Teachers also receive lifetime registration with TKYM and can teach anywhere in the world. The program is $397 when paid in full, or $462 with an installment plan over six months. 



    Will I be able to teach yoga if I get trained online? 

    In March 2020, Yoga Alliance initiated the temporary provision for online learning, which gave credibility to online yoga teacher trainings worldwide. Online yoga teacher training is an excellent way to become certified to teach yoga while still maintaining social distance and your own health and well-being. Reputable yoga schools from across the globe are offering online trainings, and graduates report positive experiences when seeking employment. There really has never been a better time to take online yoga teacher training. Even if you aren’t interested in teaching yoga professionally, online yoga teacher training will help you deepen your practice and give you the skills you need to teach in your community. 


    Will I Get Certified With Online Yoga Teacher Training?

    Each yoga school certifies their own teachers. Currently, there are no certification bodies in the yoga industry. There are registries, like Yoga Alliance, but these registries are professional directories and do not certify teachers. Teachers who are certified through a school affiliated with a particular registry enable graduates to register their certification to be featured in their registry. 

    An example of this is Yoga Alliance - an online registry that allows certified teachers to join for a yearly fee. This fee gives teachers who are registered the opportunity to showcase their training in the member directory. Whether you register with Yoga Alliance or not, you will be certified to teach yoga regardless of where you complete your training. 


    How do I know which school to select?

    You have to ask yourself why you are taking yoga teacher training in the first place? If you’re taking a training to deepen your practice and enhance your knowledge of alignment, then you will want to take a training that is thorough and includes a strong emphasis on self-study and asana (physical practice). If you’re looking to teach in a yoga studio or looking to create a yoga brand, you want to select a school that supports the business of yoga and helps you to develop yourself as a professional teacher. If you’re looking to go into Yoga Therapy you may want to consider going to a yoga school that also has an accredited Yoga Therapy program

    When researching, you might also want to look at each school's reviews on the Yoga Alliance website. A school that has consistent reviews is rigorous and transparent and provides you with individualized support. Yoga teacher training is a transformative experience, and you want to make sure you’re going to be supported. Reach out and have a conversation with different schools to see if their values align with yours’, it is important to learn from a school that has similar values and beliefs as you.


    Do I need to be Yoga Alliance Certified in order to teach?

    Yoga Alliance is a registry, and registration is not required to teach. Many students believe that they have to be affiliated with Yoga Alliance to teach in a studio, but that is simply not true. Some studios ask their teachers to register with Yoga Alliance, but typically this is to protect their own training. Ultimately, Yoga Alliance is just one of many professional organizations designed to provide yoga teachers with visibility. You do not need to belong to Yoga Alliance to teach.