Grow Your Business with Intention

October 20 at 7pm CST

Price: $15

Intentionally grow your business while maintaining a healthy well-being. Join this workshop to help guide you into an intentional approach to marketing your idea, sticking with your values, and making a profit.

We will break down your one idea into marketable selling points. Then, we will discuss why it’s essential to use our message to sell yourself in multi-faceted ways while staying on purpose.

“Maritza is a determined and meticulous professional who pays close attention to detail in our overall communications strategy. She takes the initiative and is compassionate to the organization's leaders, who have many responsibilities.” Cristina Rodriguez, President of Mind&Melody

“Maritza Diaz & Consultants has been working with me to build a marketing plan and brand my name and work. I am loving the results. My social media campaign has brought attention to what I do and offer as a Professional author and presenter in the Pilates Industry.” Beth Kaplanek, Client

Maritza Diaz is a proud Bronx-native Spanish-speaking multi-dimensional professional. As a marketing communications strategist and health advocate, she has combined her lifelong passion for communications and improved others' wellbeing and harmony.  

She has over ten years of professional experience in directing marketing programs in the Latinx and English markets. She has worked with clients in Washington, D.C., New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. She began her professional career by working as a production crew member in the film and television industry in the U.S. and Caribbean for six years. Such film credits include ALI, New In Town, I Love You Phillip Morris, MTV, Univision, and much more. Her film production career transitioned to being an entertainment publicist for film studios such as Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, Lions Gate, Warner Brothers, and independent films. 

The world of marketing communications is a tree that contains multi-layers of sending a brand's message through various channels. With one goal in mind, leaving a lasting impression is one of my main ingredients. Maritza helps with choosing the right branch to brand with confidence and intention. 

Maritza is a marketing communications consultant for start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and creative entrepreneurs. Part of her consulting services is implementing techniques to a healthy, growth mindset. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Executive Women in Leadership Certification from Cornell University. Currently, she is obtaining a Graduate Degree in Global Strategic Communications.  

Driven by purpose, making it happen has always been part of her methodology. El movimiento es vida. Movement is life! You can contact her at