Hatha Yoga and Foundational Qigong

Mondays at 9am CT

The practice of hatha yoga allows us to connect our mind, body, and spirit in unison to cultivate mental expansion and optimal physical well-being. Applying yoga alongside the ancient Chinese practice known as Qi Gong can bring a whole new outlook to your yoga practice and your self. QiGong involves harnessing your own 'chi', 'prana', or life force and using it to clear energetic blockages in the body that deter us from living as comfortably as possible: physically and mentally. Yoga and QiGong both emphasize the importance of your breath as you gently flow from one posture to another. This practice may be beneficial to all; beginners and advanced yogi's. 


About the Teacher: 

My name is Isiss, I am 22 years old and I have been practicing yoga since I was a young child, and have been studying elements of the practice for years. I begin actually teaching yoga in 2021 because I knew I wanted to spread the life changing things I have learned and help others realize their true potential. Yoga has allowed me to find myself in ways I never thought possible, as well as cultivate limitless love for every other human and living thing on this planet. I live in Northwestern Pennsylvania, USA and look forward to meeting different people from every part of the world. In my free time I enjoy learning as many things as possible and spending as much time outside with my dogs and family as I can. I look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone and offering all my knowledge to help others grow! Feel free to reach out on social media, Instagram: beings.of.lightyoga


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