New Moon Ritual

June 26 at 11am CT

In this workshop we are going to shed the light on the power of the new Moon. The New Moon encourages us to plant the seeds we want to see blooming in our lives. Knowing that the energy of the Moon is powerful enough to literally move oceans, we too can use the energy of the different lunar phases to bring changes into our lives.
I am thrilled to share the light with you because New and Full Moon Rituals have transformed my life.
What you'll need:
Pen, coulured pencils, markers, paper, a journal to write your wishes, blanket/pillow for the meditaion, something to drink. 
You may also consider having near you candles, gems, crystals, malas or any object that is dear to you. 

About the Teacher: 

Meet Audrey
Having spent most of my younger years chasing the life I was told I had to lead and to forget
what my heart, my true Self were telling me. As happens to many people in the world today,
I unfortunately allowed the ones around me to influence my decisions.
Despite discovering Buddhism and meditation in my early teenage years and the strong
attraction it evoked in me towards spirituality, I suddenly realised in my 30s that the life I
was living was not who I truly was, but a product of what others wanted me to be.
Having inherited Bohemian blood through my grandparents, the desire to break away from
a system and controlled society grew to the point where I quit my senior management
position to become a full-time student of life.
With time on my hands to reflect, I enrolled at Edinburgh University (Scotland) and
completed two degrees in Medical Sciences and Biological Sciences. To cope with the huge
demands of university I slowly began my Yoga journey which confirmed that there are no
“oughts” and “musts” but that we are free to manifest our deepest dreams and truths.
I completed my 200 YTT and more with My Vinyasa Practice; so it is with greatest pleasure
that I share my knowledge of the medical/biological and spiritual world with others who
may benefit from it.

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