New Year's Wellness Intentions

December 10 at 6pm CST

Price: FREE

The New Year is the start of a new cycle, the perfect opportunity to establish goals and resolutions, however many of us forget about them amid our everyday busy lives. In this workshop, we'll explore why is important to cultivate new year's intentions instead of resolutions, we'll learn how to create our intentions around our well-being supported by the eight limbs of yoga. We'll work on finding the Why behind every intention and how to set new habits that will help us to achieve a new sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Learn how to set intentions instead of resolutions around our well-being supported by the eight limbs of yoga. By well-being we'll include intentions for each of the eight dimensions of wellness (emotional, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social, spiritual and environmental). The workshop includes a meditation, journaling session and some examples of mindfulness exercises to become present with our intentions.

Ana Ramirez is a certified 200 YTT, Zumba instructor and fitness advocate. She has implemented wellness programs at a corporate level to improve employees' quality of life. She has also organized workshops focused on learning and integrating mindfulness and intentional skills, and recently she created a project to empower women through fitness and wellness.

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