Revolutionizing an Industry

Yoga Specialists is a unique organization, dedicated to the cultivation of sustainable careers in the yoga and broader health and wellness industries. Our goal is to foster an inclusive environment that provides practitioners with the knowledge and tools needed to reach clients, further education, and sustain their practice. We are here to break down barriers and support wellness practitioners of all kinds with the tools and resources needed to lead the way.

Over the last several years there has been a influx of yoga teachers and yoga therapist entering the yoga industry. New teachers in search of jobs have not been adequately supported by the programs that produced them or by industry leaders and professional registries created to support them. With little to no marketing support, new teachers find it challenging to break into the industry and earn an equitable wage. 

We see the need for values based professional organizations who will empower new and established teachers while supporting their marketing and networking efforts. Yoga Specialists fills that need by providing marketing support, professional development, and continuing education to yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and alternative healers in the industry. 


Our Values

  • Empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and information to improve accessibility.
  • Universal access to industry-leading, high-quality, affordable, and equitable yoga practices.
  • Promoting accountability through our open forums and feedback options.
  • Providing yoga teachers & therapists with tested business practices to help them achieve sustainable wellness practices.
  • Advocating for those within the wellness industries to provide protection from burdensome regulation, overpriced accreditations, and unfair oversight practices.

Our Goals

  • Increase awareness of Yoga & Wellness as a profession.
  • Increase the sense of community among Yoga practitioners and providers.
  • Provide resources to individual Yoga practitioners and providers.
  • Further research and science related to Yoga & Wellness.
  • Highlight standards for ethical, just, and equitable behavior in the Wellness industry.
  • Give to those who most need to be heard, seen, and connected.