February Teacher Spotlight

chair yoga teacher yoga Feb 28, 2023
Jean Jeffreys


February Teacher Spotlight

This month we are excited to spotlight the incredible JEAN JEFFREYS


Tell us a bit about you

Hi! I’m Jean Jeffreys, owner of Body Transitions by NeeJas, a wellness practice located in Baltimore, Maryland.  I am a certified life, health and wellness coach, board-certified massage therapist, certified reflexologist, certified Yomassage® therapist, certified doula, certified RYT®500Hr. yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, and public speaker. I am blessed to lead a Women’s Comfort Outreach Ministry, a ministry to terminally- and seriously- ill women, to bring comfort and encouragement to whomever I can.

Health and wellness are important to me, and I have a passion for helping others enjoy their best life. Yoga Specialists has provided me a platform to make the practice of yoga more accessible. I love people and am always honored to come along to lift, support, and encourage healthy, sustainable habits that lead to productive, holistic lifestyle choices. I firmly believe that the body, mind, and soul are magnificent, and when we take care of all three, we can be better human beings. I often say, “When we do better, everybody benefits.” I believe we should treat ourselves and others with honor and respect and be in a place to serve at any given time.

I love having fun with my husband, family, and friends. I am grateful to spend lots of time with my young grandson. My hobbies include tennis, biking, golfing and, my newest love, kayaking. We have been avid campers for many years. I love being outdoors in nature.

I always say, “Keeeeep smiling,” which brings joy to the hearts of many!


How did you get into yoga? 

I started my journey many years ago and have been consistent in my asana practice for about 15 years.   This practice has been fundamental in maintaining a strong body and healthy mindset.  I’ve always been in a position to care for others  and realized that I needed to make sure I cared for myself also.  I completed my 500 hour teacher-training with My Vinyasa Practice, which truly opened my eyes and my heart to allow myself to heal in areas that I didn’t realize needed healing. By having the opportunity to get my teacher-training, I have been able to enhance my practice to help not only myself but also others, as they move along their wellness journey. I have been diving more deeply and learning more actively about various practices. 



What are your go-to asana modifications to make a class more accessible?  

My go-to modifications are utilizing the chair to accomplish the same benefits that otherwise would not be accessible.  For example, I love to create space for the warrior series from a chair.  Also, I always make sure to tell my students to be kind to themselves and allow their bodies to guide them without being too hard on themselves. Reminding students that the practice is their own personal practice allows for individuals to develop without comparison. 



How do you practice yoga off the mat?


I practice yoga off the mat by taking care of myself early in the morning before starting my day.  This includes early morning devotional prayer, reading scripture, and quiet time.  Most recently, I have incorporated singing bowls. This practice calms me and allows me to be still and present to prepare myself for the day. Being kind to myself is very important, because it allows for me to understand how to be kind to others.   



Do you have a favorite mantra?  


Yes! It’s “Keeeeep smiling - the transition begins with you!” It loosely means that no matter what life throws your way, find some time to smile, and remember that you are blessed to breathe.