March Teacher Spotlight

bunny yoga teacher Mar 14, 2023

March Teacher Spotlight

This month we are excited to spotlight the incredible LEILANI ANGEL


Please tell us a bit about yourself.

Aloha! My name is Leilani Angel & my pronouns are she/her. I'm a proud multiracial animal-loving vegan island girl currently residing in the Pacific Northwest with my adopted bunny, Klaus. My personal & professional interests in ethical fashion, wellness & animal advocacy have given me the opportunity to hop all around the world exploring new ways to serve these communities that I love so much. Currently, Klaus & I are offering bunny-inspired yoga classes from our "virtual burrow."




How did you get into Yoga?

Yoga was something that I had always incorporated into my daily physical "workout." My
relationship with Yoga changed immediately when my health suddenly took a turn. I intuitively sought to deepen my practice on an emotional, spiritual & intellectual level. That shift changed everything for me. My yoga practice is now mindfully woven into my Type 1 Diabetes healthcare management. 





What are your go-to asana modifications to make a class more accessible?

Our practice at The Sacred Rabbit is rooted in "thinking like a bunny," as Klaus is my bunspiration! Bunnies don't do what they don't want to do & they are all about their props, accessories & fun! Postures like Child's Pose (or the Bunny Loaf) have so many options - a blanket under the knees, knees apart or together & maybe a block under the third eye if that feels right in the moment. It's always Bunny Yogi's choice in our virtual burrow!




How do you practice Yoga off the mat?

Each day, I pull a card from our Bunny Burrow Card Deck to see what sacred messages the universe has to share with me. Sometimes they guide me to enjoy a breathwork session, a little journaling, or to simply remember that we are all divine beings having a human experience & we all deserve love & grace. 





Do you have a favorite mantra?

I am strong, I am mighty, I am loved & I am sacred.


You can follow Leliani on Facebook and Instagram. You can also find more info on her website: